Over the years, our Foundress was asked, “What is Heaven?” hundreds of times by faithful friends who had traveled to EWTN, or written letters seeking her wisdom. Eventually, she put her thoughts to paper in a book called What is Heaven?

It has become one of our most requested and beloved of all Mother Angelica’s books, for it answers your questions not only about Heaven, but about what the Lord asks of us to get there.

This year, we have had a few extra copies specially printed, in the hope that they will serve to inform and inspire members of our EWTN Family, like you.

In addition to this book, we have noticed that, among the thousands of letters we receive here each year at EWTN, some of the most commonly asked questions and comments are about bringing up children and grandchildren in this tumultuous world.

Dr. Ray Guarendi, who hosts “The Doctor is In” on EWTN, has confronted these challenges for many years. As a clinical psychologist and father of ten children, he knows the challenges that are facing parents and grandparents today.

To help you, Dr. Ray has provided his guidance in a wonderful book called Raising Upright Kids in an Upside-Down World: Defying the Anti-Parent Culture that we believe will be invaluable to you, or to the parents in your life.

If you’d like to receive both books as a special gift from us, make your donation of $100 or more to EWTN using the form below, and we’ll make sure they are sent to you right away!

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